Less Sugar More Creativity

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I was fat, and the sugar detox was my chosen cure. My expectation was a thinner me. I didn’t count on the resulting creativity boost. I noticed the difference in Sunday’s figure drawing class. The sugared-up me struggled with figure drawing. The first ½ hour of class is a tortured attempt at capturing gestures in 5-minute poses. Pre-detox my initial tries were stiff, inconsistent, and mostly inaccurate. This sugar-free Sunday I felt lighter and more clear-headed. My brain shifted into drawing flow quickly. I captured skeletal gestures early in the pose. From bone, I layered skin on top of muscles. My site was sharp. I stayed within the drawing for longer. I remained seated on the butt-killer art bench longer. I relaxed and had fun. When the break started I didn’t hide my work by flipping to a blank sheet of newsprint.

Decreasing sugar increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Simply put more BDNF has a positive effect on spatial learning performance, and much more. I’ll take artistic improvement over sugar any day.

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