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What Happened

One day I looked in the mirror and realized I embodied a Glamour Don’t. My pantie line and muffin top was a tell-all about my nightly addiction to a ½ bottle of wine, a pint of Trader Joe’s Vanilla ice cream, and my emotional status.  I was miserable about my life and it showed in 2 inches of waist fat, and pervasive malaise.

I wasn’t doing anything except creating excuses.  If it weren’t for a 24-hour-cancellation penalty I would have forgone my Pilates workouts. Noticing a lack of enthusiasm and newly minted bad posture, Pilates studio owner Kara Wily came to my rescue.  Her studio offered a kick-start body improvement program. All I needed to do was meet a nutritionist, accept deliveries of fresh made food and do more Pilates. I had nothing to lose except fat and nightly addiction.


Glamour Don’t

I did not know that a simple sugar hiatus would be my mind-body cure.  Nor did I know that excess of body fat can lead to shrinkage of the brain. This makes us much more vulnerable to cognitive problems, possibly dementia, inattention, and difficulty solving problems. The more I learned the more I was ready for a new me.

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